Poste Italiane takes on sennder FTL freight forwarding

Poste Italiane has entered into a €100 million a year joint venture with digital freight forwarder sennder to improve the postal operator’s Full Truckload (FTL) long-haul transportation efficiency.

Sennder is to help with Post Italiane’s parcel and mail movements between sorting and distribution hubs. The freight forwarder’s digital freight forwarding platform is designed to revolutionise freight transport across Europe, logging, optimising and organising cargo for transportation.

The JV is called sennder Italia S.r.l.†and manages all Italian transport for sennder GmbH. Combining the new thinking of the young company with the 158 year old postal operator, this is set to disrupt the Italian logistics landscape.

Poste Italiane will get full GPS visibility of truck movements in the system, reduced overall CO2 emissions through efficiencies and state of the art operating technology. The postal operator reckons on a 6% overall saving on its costs as a result.

David Nothacker, CEO and Co-Founder of sennder GmbH, says: “The JV shows how a partnership combining 158 years of Italian logistics operations and state of the art technology can unlock unprecedented synergies and opportunities for both Poste Italiane and sennder. We bring cloud-based communications and better record keeping, along with more efficient logistical mapping organization, to an industry that has been operating largely by way of faxed or shipped invoices. Our GPS tracking will help Poste Italiane with highly precise arrival estimates.”

Del Fante, Poste Italiane CEO and General Manager, said: “The initiative is part of the broader commitment taken with our Joint Delivery Model to modernise our fleet and further optimise our logistic value chain through advanced IT solutions, delivering cost efficiencies as well as reduced CO2 emissions. Poste Italiane is successfully combining internal innovations with specialist start-up partnerships made possible by its new Open Innovation IT platform. We see a clear and present opportunity in delivering innovations to become more central in our customers’ digital world”.