Posten Norge rolls out in-home delivery

Posten Norge has launched an in-home delivery option called Innafor. Customers with smart locks can allow the postal operator to drop parcels inside their home with a one time passcode.

In Norway, the bulk of online shoppers opt for pickup/drop off (PUDO) delivery sites as opposed to home delivery. Surveys show more would take deliveries at home if they didn’t have to wait about all day for them. 

Using the Posten in Home app, the customer gives a temporary access code to Posten Norge. The delivery driver will firstly check to see if someone is at home and if not, enter the code and drop the parcel off. 

Though the Posten in Home offering is smart-lock-agnostic, some smart locks can only be opened remotely so the courier will contact the customer for access to the door.

There have been extensive trials and surveys around this. Firstly pilots were done with Posten Norge employees receiving parcels and then the general public. Surveys were done to assess the perceived trustworthiness of postal delivery personnel – these showed an overwhelming trust in these people.

“Confidence in Posten becomes an important competitive advantage when we, with ‘Posten In Home’, can take the parcels over the doorstep so that the recipient can have it delivered even if they are not home. It provides fast and secure delivery, while the recipients do not have to spend time waiting,” says CEO Tone Wille at Posten Norge.

“From the test period we also see that our offer is particularly popular with families with children, who often have a busy day. It is convenient when you can have your parcel delivered at home instead of picking up a package at the store,” adds Wille.

This technology will work where there is high trust in a delivery company and in delivery staff in general, but also where there is wide use of smart locks. Eighteen percent of Norway’s population have installed them for example. In future, in-door delivery could reduce failed deliveries significantly.


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