Posten orders fleet of Renault electric vans

The Norwegian postal operator Posten has placed an order for 240 Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE electric vans as part of an attempt to reduce its CO2 emissions. Posten aims at reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020, which in turn would account for a reduction in CO2 by 1% for the whole of Norway.

Posten said in a statement, “Posten, which already has a fleet of 900 electric vehicles (cars, bikes, quadricycles, trailers), is taking a further step forward in environmental responsibility with the purchase of Kangoo Maxi Z.E.”

The new vehicles will be used in primarily urban areas to maximise their benefits and lack of effective range. Where a petrol or diesel vehicle can travel upwards of 250 miles on a tank of fuel, these electric vans will only have a range of around 120kms.

Reducing operational costs and CO2 emissions are a major drive for many postal operators which run large fleets of delivery vehicles. That Posten’s CO2 emissions account for 2% of the national output shows the impact of going zero carbon just by a postal operator. It is known that UPS is testing a fleet of vehicles in locations around the world including hybrid and electric models as it attempts to tackle fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

There are a large number of incentives for people wishing to use electric vehicles in Norway. They are VAT exempt and pay no road tax, are allowed to use bus lanes, pay no parking fees, and can use ferries for free. These soon mount up to a sizeable financial incentive to go zero emissions.

As the technology improves from on road testing, so more delivery companies should go for zero emissions vehicles. Norway for now, leads the way.

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