Posti acquires new sorting machines

For operation ahead of the 2020 Christmas peak season, Finnish postal operator Posti is to acquire three new sorting machines for processing print products faster and more accurately.

The sorting machines are to be used at Oulu and Helsinki, with mechanical sorting of mail to continue in Kuopio and Tampere. The postal operator already has six mechanical sorting machines in operation.

Sami Reponen, director of postal services production at Posti, said, “For our customers, increased automation means increased speed, additional services and the possibility to track mailing batches. At the same time, our personnel will have more modern sorting machines in their use. Oulu and Helsinki are the first options when planning the location of the machines because they are important hubs of item flows.”

The MSM sorting machines are capable or sorting letters and publications as well as other addressed items. Reponen added that automation means better tracking and helps Posti direct post quicker: “For our personnel, the machines are an important tool. The sorting machine quickly sorts items to the delivery order, which means that the deliverer doesn’t have to sort the items according to the mail recipient’s address as extensively as today.”