Posti adjusts to pandemic demand

As we reported with Australia Post earlier this week, Finnish Posti is seeing the business environment change due to the pandemic too. Online shopping in the country has reached Christmas peak levels and the postal operator has made new arrangements to meet its unusual demand.

One solution to the parcel delivery spike is that Posti has introduced extended storage time at its pickup points. This was a temporary measure and data analysis has shown that this is no longer necessary. From the extended storage time of 21 days this has now been reduced back to seven. With regard international letters and parcels the time has been reduced to the original 14 days.

“We wanted to support our customers in the rapidly changing situation by extending the storage time of parcels and letters at our pickup points. Nonetheless, based on our analysis, the coronavirus situation has barely made a difference. The majority of our customers have still picked up their items commendably quickly, in 1–3 days, thus contributing to the quick delivery of everyone’s parcels,” said Jarmo Ainasoja, Posti.

Even during the period when the storage time was extended to 21 days the full length was only used around 2% of the time. There may however be times to come when the period is extended at certain storage points.