Posti and Bring announce new partnership

Swedish and Danish online shoppers will be able to buy goods from Finland and have them delivered by a new service that is a partnership between Poste Norge’s Bring and Finnish postal operator Posti. Under the new offering, Swedish customers will also be able to order pallet loads for their home.

There has been a partnership of sorts between Bring and Posti for some years, particularly in B2B, with Posti and Bring delivering each other’s parcels the final mile. This move formalises the joint working and focuses on B2C. 

“We’re happy that our cooperation with Bring is deepening and that we can offer Finnish companies diverse delivery solutions in Sweden and Denmark. Demand for home deliveries in particular has increased during the pandemic, and it seems that the change is permanent,” says Arttu Hollmérus, who is responsible for Posti’s parcel and e-commerce business.

Bring’s pick-up/drop-off network across Sweden and Denmark includes more than 3,000 locations. The company has a consumer facing smart device app that allows them to change delivery destination and date.

“At Bring we are constantly trying to find new ways, and flexible delivery options is high on our agenda – which is why it feels great to deliver from online stores from our neighbouring country,” says Lena Hillring, Partner Manager at Bring.

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