Posti appoints Turkka Kuusisto as CEO

Turkka Kuusisto is to be President and CEO of Posti Group Corporation.

Kuusisto has been interim President and CEO of Posti from the 1st October last year, and has been on the Group board since 2016. He was Senior Vice President, Postal Services from 2016-18 and was SVP, Parcel and eCommerce through most of last year.

Before joining Posti, he was the Regional Managing Director in Europe at the bill invoice and debt collection company Lindorff Group AB, Managing Director of Lindorff in Finland and the company’s Head of business operations in Russia and the Baltics.

Kuusisto said, “Posti seeks growth in Parcel and eCommerce as well as logistics services: “Posti’s operating environment is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, and I take my appointment as Posti’s President and CEO as a great sign of confidence. As President and CEO, I will continue to renew the company together with all Posti employees and will do my part in ensuring that Posti will be able to operate sustainably also in the long term.”

“Posti is a service company, and we want to listen carefully to our customers’ needs. In line with our revised strategy, we will respond to the changing needs of our consumer and business customers better than before. It is also important for us to ensure the good quality of delivery and services. We are seeking growth especially in Parcel and e-commerce and logistics, where we see great potential for Posti in the future. With these renewals, we also aim to ensure the competitiveness of traditional postal services for as long as possible.” Kuusisto continued.