Posti combining 1st and 2nd domestic letter classes

Finnish postal operator Posti is to combine its domestic First and Second Class letter delivery services. Even after this is done the postal operator claims that all postal deliveries will still fall within the government mandated delivery limits. Posti says that the new service will begin next year.

In a statement issued on Friday, Ulla Seppälä, who is responsible for consumer letter services at Posti, commented: “We will streamline the letter process in order to keep prices moderate. We want to offer reliable service in a cost-effective manner.

“Even in the new model, items will be delivered to the destination in 1-2 days, and most of them on the following day.

“We believe that combining the letter classes will make the sending of letters even simpler and easier to the consumer.”

Posti said that the changes were necessary to cut costs in response to falling mail volumes.

“Even after the change,” claimed Posti, “letters will be delivered quicker than what is required by the Postal Act.”

Posti added, “Combining the letter classes will fulfill the requirements of the Postal Act for delivery time. According to the Postal Act, letters must be delivered so that at least 95% of the items are delivered by the second weekday following the item’s delivery to Posti and at least 98% by the third weekday.”

For businesses however the Priority and Economy services will continue even after the domestic letter delivery services have become one. “In addition,” said Posti, “Priority and Economy letters with two delivery speeds can still be sent abroad in accordance with international postal agreements.”