Posti – ‘delivery day reform’

Finnish postal operator is to roll out its ‘delivery day reform’ programme across much of the country this summer, and will apply to the whole of the country from July onwards.

Explaining how the new system will work, Posti said: “Mail will still be delivered five to seven days a week, depending on the services that the sending customers have purchased from Posti.

“The number of delivery days will not change in the reform, though there will be less mail to be delivered on Tuesdays.

“Some newspapers, along with parcels, express letters and laboratory items, will still be delivered on Tuesdays. There will be no changes to the early morning delivery for newspapers. Items requiring signature and parcels to be picked up from service points can be picked up from Posti outlets. For Corporate Postal Code customers, items will be also be delivered on Tuesdays.

“Universal service letters posted on Mondays will primarily be delivered on Wednesdays. Posti will pick letters and parcels normally on Tuesdays.”

Turkka Kuusisto, who is in charge of postal services at Posti, said: “In practice, the change will affect mail recipients very little, because traditionally much less mail is delivered on Tuesdays than on other days. Early-morning newspaper delivery and parcel delivery will continue as before and will not be changed.”

Kuusisto added: “Our customers have demanded actions from us in order to control delivery costs. For our large-volume sending customers in particular, the cost of deliveries is important. With the reform, we can direct our resources better to the days when there is more mail to deliver.”
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