Posti develops outdoor parcel lockers for Finland’s weather

Finnish Posti is launching a new range of outdoor parcel lockers capable of handling Finland’s challenging weather conditions.

Parcel lockers are a popular means of receiving goods in Finland and the postal operator already has 2,200 parcel locker locations with more than 130,000 individual parcel lockers around the country. It is planning to increase this number by 10-15 a week in the coming years.

“Finns really like parcel lockers, and they are popular places to receive parcels. The new outdoor parcel lockers are ready for use to 24/7 and a natural continuation to Posti’s unique parcel locker success story. The parcel lockers are to be placed in connection with our retail partners and other public places along the different shopping routes,” said Heiko Laubach, who is responsible for Posti’s service point network.

“The parcel lockers are quick to set up, as the required energy is obtained from the batteries and there is no need for separate mains connection or telecommunication cabling. The parcel locker communicates in real time with Posti’s back-end systems,” explained Jari Paasikivi, who is responsible for the technical solution.

One of the main reasons behind developing its own outdoor parcel lockers is that the climate in Finland is particularly challenging and off-the-shelf solutions might not withstand the rigours of the conditions they are expected to face reliably.

“We have, for example, performed several months of outdoor testing in the winter, as well as various low-temperature tests in laboratory. The result is a Finnish, technologically advanced outdoor parcel locker and the necessary technical components with the necessary applications,” Paasikivi continued.

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