Posti expands parcel locker network

Thanks to the explosive growth of e-commerce, Finland’s Posti is investing heavily in its parcel locker network. By 2022 the postal operator plans to have more than 4,000 parcel lockers in its network with 100 new ones being installed this summer.

“Soon, up to 85% of Finns will have a Posti parcel locker less than one kilometer from their home. Finns like parcel lockers because they are located along everyday routes and have long opening hours,” says Heiko Laubach, Posti’s Head of Retail Network. 

The Posti retail and pickup point network is having over 200 locations added by the end of the year too.

Where there are very busy pickup points, Posti is adding temporary sites for peak demand so customers can have their parcels delivered where they want instead of being dependant on the availability of their preferred location.

“I understand the frustration customers can feel when their parcel does not end up in the pickup point they wanted to use.  The major expansion of the Parcel Locker network as well as the expansion of existing popular Parcel Lockers are examples of the measures we are taking to improve the situation,” says Laubach.