Posti installs new sortation equipment

Delayed by the global pandemic, Finnish Posti is to install new mail sortation machines at its Oulu and Helsinki sorting centres.

The machines will sort a greater volume of mail more accurately than existing machines. The aim is to have the MSM sorting machines installed and fully operational by the first quarter of 2021 at the latest.

Two of the new sorting machines are to be installed in Helsinki while one is to be installed in Oulu. Further down the line Posti says that new machines are to be installed at its Tampere and Kuopio sorting centres too.

Sami Reponen, Production Director, Postal Services commented: “With automation, publishers, for instance, can better track the progress of their mailing batch in our network. Automation also helps us direct addressed items to address clarification quickly, if necessary. For our personnel, the machines are an important tool.

“The sorting machine quickly sorts items into the delivery order, which means that the deliverer doesn’t have to sort the items according to the mail recipient’s address to the same degree as today.

“For our customers, increased automation means increased speed, additional services and the possibility to track mailing batches. At the same time, our personnel will have at their disposal more modern sorting machines that will sort items quickly in to the delivery order, reducing the amount of manual sorting work in delivery. We will carefully discuss the effect of the new machines during the negotiations,” Reponen concluded.