Posti invests €100m in parcel delivery network

With parcel volumes growing by 27% in 2020, Finnish Posti has announced it is to invest more than €100 million in developing its parcels and e-commerce competencies and strengthening its delivery network.

“According to our new strategy, the core of our growth is parcel traffic and logistics in Finland, Sweden and the Baltics. To support this, Postal services in Finland will play an important complimentary and supporting role. This significant shift in our focus enables us to meet the challenges presented to us by the long-term changes in our operating environment. As we continue our transformation, improving the customer experience is at the core of everything we do. To accelerate this transformation, we are investing over €100 million into our Parcel Locker network expansion, developing digital capabilities, and growing our sorting and distribution capacity. In addition, we announced last week that Transval, part of Posti Group, would be investing €37 million in a new warehouse,” says Posti Group’s President and CEO Turkka Kuusisto.

Core to the strategy in question is to improve customer experience, drive efficiencies, improving its leadership and relations with its employees and to become net-zero carbon by 2030.

“In many ways, 2020 made it clear that we are now at an inflection point. Parcel volumes in Finland and the Baltics grew by 27%, and we successfully managed to meet this demand and scale profitably. I am convinced that we have everything that is required to build a bright future for Posti,” says Kuusisto, who continues: “However, the next few years will be very demanding. Competition in the parcel segment will be fierce, and several companies are taking advantage of their strengths and focusing on major cities. To meet these demands, we are continuously developing our services to improve speed, accessibility, and to provide convenience and ease for our customers.”