Posti – large international parcel price changes

Finnish postal operator Posti is to make changes to the cost of large international parcels that have been paid for with cash. These changes will be made effective the 14the June.

The changes in question will only affect international parcels that have been purchased online or via the Posti mobile app to the following destinations: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia. They won’t apply to other national destinations.

Two changes are to take place:

– The price of sending a parcel will be based on size instead of weight. The sizes will be the same as in domestic parcels.

– The maximum weight for a parcel will be 31.5 kg (up from the old maximum weight 30 kg).

Posti said in a statement: “The prices for parcels purchased online or with the mobile application are lower than the prices for parcels paid for at postal outlets. Sending the parcel from a postal outlet is also faster if the sender has already entered the parcel information online or through the mobile application.”

The changes do not apply to international parcels that are paid for at postal outlets.

Parcels weighing under 10 kg that are paid for with cash are covered by Posti’s universal service obligation and are not to be covered by the new scheme. Given that 10kg is a considerable weight most parcels won’t be affected by the changes.
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