Posti launches Box fitting room and PUDO facility

Finnish postal operator Posti is opening a new Helsinki facility with parcel lockers and a fitting room for online shoppers this Friday.

The Box facility is also a physical store for online retailers and a testing space for POsti’s new digital services.

“A piece has been missing between the home and webshop, but that space will be filled by Box,” said Kaisa Ilola, the director of customer experience and channels at Posti.

The idea behind Box is based on research suggesting that a fifth of Finnish people will be doing most or all of their shopping online by 2025.

“The new space on Keskuskatu is an accurate illustration of the historically quick change of e-commerce and Posti. Due to the growth in online and C2C sales, a significant share of the consumers’ visits to Posti have to do with collecting or sending parcels. This is why we need to change. Box is our response to the growth of e-commerce and to the new consumer habits of the Finnish people. Box is a great example of how Posti is reforming,” explains Ilola.


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