Posti letter price changes

Finnish postal operator Posti has announced it is to simplify the price list for domestic letters paid for in cash.

As of the end of this month, there will be four weight classes of letters instead of the six currently used. There will be some increases in stamp costs while there will also be price drops in other categories.

In a statement issued by Posti yesterday (30 July), Tuija Åkerman from Posti’s Consumer Mail Business Unit, explained: “Stamps are increasingly bought in sales points other than Posti’s shops, such as grocery stores, kiosks or Posti’s online shop. A clearer price list is a benefit of the update.”

“The Finnish consumer spends, on average, less than EUR 20 per year on letter postage fees. In relation to this, the new prices entail an increase of just over one euro, i.e. less than one domestic stamp (EUR 1.60), per year,” added Åkerman.


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