Posti opens large parcel locker unit

Posti has opened its largest parcel locker unit to date in Northern Finland. The OmaPosti Kiosk in Ideapark Oulu has 830 individual lockers as well as self-service terminals for sending parcels and letters.

The unit also offers live video links to Posti customer services representatives who can help them tackle a range of issues related to sending and receiving parcels.

The people of Finland show a great preference for parcel lockers, with Posti claiming that its parcel locker network is the country’s most popular means of sending and receiving parcels. This is growing quickly, with a growth of use of 74% between January and June.

“We have received many requests from customers regarding postal services in Oulu. As e-commerce continues to grow, we believe that customers living nearby will be happy to see the opening of the new big Posti Parcel Locker, which will nearly double Posti’s parcel locker capacity in North Oulu. Next to the OmaPosti kiosk, we have also reserved a space that we can use to open a temporary pickup point during the peak seasons for parcels,” says Sauli Metsävirta, an Area Manager at Posti.

The Ideapark Oulu unit is open during the mall’s opening hours through the week.