Posti – postal strikes on Friday could cause delays

Due to planned strikes by the SAK and AKT unions this coming Friday, the Finnish postal operator Posti has warned of delays in mail delivery.

Posti has released a statement saying that if the strike does take place, there could be delays in delivery in some parts of Finland of up to three days.

Jarmo Ainasoja, Director of Posti’s Control Centre, commented: “We will have a more detailed estimate on Wednesday when we have completed our discussions with our personnel about arranging work. It’s important for us to minimize the inconvenience for our customers. We will resort to exceptional arrangements wherever possible.”

Posti added: “Should the demonstrations take place, the sorting, transport and delivery of post will be slowed down on February 2, and the backlog can only be processed after the weekend on Monday, February 5. The demonstrations may also affect customer service and Posti’s service points.”

While the strike may affect the delivery of domestic letters, magazines, direct marketing items, parcels and freight and newspapers in some areas, Posti said that it will not affect “deliveries related to the health and safety of customers, such as blood deliveries, laboratory samples, grocery deliveries, meal deliveries and care services”.