Posti profits up strongly

Net sales for Finland’s Posti increased by 7.2% to €413.8 million in Q1 of 2017. The adjusted EBITDA was up 8.6% at €35.5 million.

Posti ‘s domestic freight grew by 11%. Parcel volumes grew strongly too, in Finland and the Baltic states these grew by 8%. As with nearly every postal operator in the world, addressed letter volumes fell by 8%.

Referring to the results, Heikki Malinen, President and CEO of Posti, said in a statement, “The ongoing trend of digitization in the business environment remains strong and reflects directly on Posti, with the Group undergoing a multi-year structural transformation as communication shifts from paper to digital. However, the digitization is not only a threat, as it also offers Posti new business opportunities. Posti continues to build new cornerstones for its business in growing markets according to its strategy: the areas of future growth are in parcel and logistics services. The decline in mail volumes continued strongly and was 8%.” 
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