Posti replaces Posti app with OmaPosti app

Finland based Posti has announced its new OmaPosti mobile app will allow administration of invoices, tracking, routing items and sending the customer’s parcels at a lower price.

The new OmaPosti is to replace the Posti app. The current app has more than 100,000 monthly users across the country.

In a statement, Timo Korander, Head of Consumer and Digital Services at Posti, said: “The first version of OmaPosti is extremely handy for everyone who shops online. It’s now considerably easier to track and route online store items. Sending your parcels is also cheapest using OmaPosti.”

According to Posti: “In the first version of the service, the app will automatically receive electronic letters, i.e. invoices currently sent to Netposti. Paper invoices can also be paid easily in the app by taking a photograph of the invoice’s bar code. In the next phase, users can direct all invoices and e-invoices in their email to OmaPosti.”

The app is still a work in progress, with more new features in the pipeline.

“OmaPosti is by no means ready,” said Korander. “We are still actively developing it with users. We will add many features that make your everyday life easier in the near future.”