Posti rolls out parcel lockers ahead of peak

Finland’s Posti has opened its biggest parcel locker service point so far at on Vapaudenkatu in Jyväskylä as part of a roll out of parcel lockers for the coming peak season.

Instead of using the Posti service desk, customers can now collect their items from one of the 387 lockers at the service point. The lockers are open between 07:00-22:00 veery day.

“The parcel locker is the most popular way to pick up items, as it can be done in just seconds. The service desk will also be able to serve customers more quickly when most of the pickups can be done via the parcel lockers. The employees will have time to instruct customers in using Posti’s new services, such as the OmaPosti application,” explains Lasse Huttunen, Director of Retail Network at Posti.

The completely revamped Posti store at Jyväskylä has a new look with digital displays guiding customers as well as tablet computers in the store that offer a range of digital services. As well as cards, stamps and packing materials for sale, there are post office boxes and a roller track for business customers that allow pre-paid items and contract customer items to be left for delivery quickly and without queuing.

In preparation for the coming peak season Posti has been installing parcel locker systems at a number of its outlets – as well as the Jyväskylä store, four more sites are to have them installed in the coming weeks.