Posti secures Olvi logistics deal

Finnish brewer Olvi has agreed a deal where Posti is to handle the terminal transport from the Olvi Iisalmi factory for several years commencing next year, and will cover the whole of Finland.

The deal between Posti and the brewer means that Posti is to move brewery products between terminals. As well as beverages Posti is to move pallets, containers and honeycomb sheets needed for delivering Olvi products as return freight.

“The beverage industry is characterised by significant variation in delivery volumes depending on the season. Having Posti as a partner ensures an efficient delivery chain that covers the entire country and can adapt to the changes in Olvi’s delivery volumes,” says Timo Miettinen, Logistics Manager at Olvi.

Brewery products are transported every weekday using several road trains. During peak season, over 70 truckloads of beer, cider, soft drinks and mineral water per day are shipped out from Iisalmi. 

“A contract renewal is the surest sign of the service being high-quality and suitable for our customer. Order and transport schedules are extremely tight in food logistics, which means that the work requires a lot from the logistics partner. Most of Olvi’s products are transported from Iisalmi to Southern Finland, which brings a healthy increase to our transport fleet’s fill rate. Usually, products and goods are transported from Southern Finland to Northern Finland,” says Jani Lindström, Director, Grocery Logistics Services at Posti.