Posti sees record parcel volumes

The Finnish postal operator Posti has announced that it has delivered more than 34 million parcels in 2016, a new company record. In addition Posti will be launching a new ‘parcel pigeonhole’ service for blocks of flats residents.

“The high volume is particularly due to the growth in e-commerce,” said Posti. “The e-commerce volume increased by 7.3%, which translates into approximately one million parcels. In addition, Posti strengthened its position as a carrier of parcels between businesses and consumers.”

Posti said that its Parcel Points are becoming increasingly popular. “This year, the number of parcels traveling through Posti’s network of 480 Parcel Points increased by 39% from the previous year,” said Posti.

The postal operator has added that its response to growing e-commerce includes providing ‘parcel pigeonhole services’ for blocks of flats. The system enables residents to pick up their parcels at a time that is convenient to them.

“We will provide Finnish households with a completely new kind of solution for receiving and sending parcels. The new parcel pigeonhole service will be launched in collaboration with the housing developer Bonava in February 2017,” commented Toni Laaksonen, VP, Parcel Services at Posti.

Posti added: “According to plans, the new parcel pigeonhole system will be implemented in several new apartment buildings to be built in 2017 by Bonava in the capital region, Turku, Tampere and Oulu.”

Posti seems to be succeeding in the direction where other postal operators seek – with the growth in e-commerce and the collapse of the stamped mail business, success in parcels is essential for survival. å 
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