Posti strike over as union agreement reached

Posti’s negotiations with its workers’ union the PAU have concluded with a new agreement. The strike is over but there is a backlog of mail in the system.

The postal operator states that it believes that most delayed shipments should be delivered by Christmas at the latest. Some may arrive in early January but the estimate should be proved or disproved as soon as delivery work re-commences.

Jarmo Ainasoja, Head of Exception Management at Posti said: “We are ready for the Black Friday peak season of online sales as well as the Christmas peak season. We will restore our normal operations as soon as possible. We were able to take care of some of the deliveries during the strike, avoiding a bad congestion. We would like to thank our customers for their faith and patience during the strike. All of our services are now back in use, and new mail can be sent.”

Posti says: “Parcel deliveries went well despite the strike, and most parcels were delivered to customers according to the normal timetable, especially in the bigger cities. In some places, some parcel deliveries may be delayed by a week.


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