Posti strike shows no sign of agreement

The Finnish postal strike that began on 11 November shows no sign of resolution. Postal operator Posti had attempted to force 700 employees into another collective agreement, leading to the breakdown in industrial relations.

The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU says it is “determined to resist this move claiming that this would mean a serious cut in pay for their members.”

Posti said: “The collective bargaining that continued over the weekend did not yet reach agreement between the negotiating parties. The PAU has announced that the strike will continue. Estimates of the impact of strikes and strikes on mail delivery are updated daily.

“Despite the strike, packages have gone smoothly in most parts of the country. According to current estimates, most packages will be delivered to customers on time. Unfortunately, with the strike continuing in a small number of packages, delays can be up to a week. Freight services operate normally. Some of the printed mail has also been sorted and distributed, says Jarmo Ainasoja, Director of Emergency Services at the Post.

“At the moment, we estimate that Christmas packages will run within the promised time”

Other unions in the country have indicated that they may start sympathy strikes. The Finnish Aviation Union may cease to cease handling mail at airports for example.

Though the main mail and parcel operations are affected, normally open and operational services are:

– Newspaper distribution
– Warehouse services
– Freight services
– Partial safety and health work (including food, food, food bag, medicine, hospital and other similar local and national health and safety broadcasts) The

PAU has excluded safety and health work from the strike.

“The Post requires the PAU to shoulder its promised responsibility and to help ensure the normal flow of these very important shipments,” Ainasoja says.


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