Posti to deliver newspapers until at least 2029

With reading the newspaper first thing in the morning an important part of Finnish people’s routines, Posti and Sanoma Media have agreed a long-term extension to an agreement to deliver newspapers to residents in the capital region of the country. This will now happen at least until the end of 2029.

Finnish people consider reading a newspaper first thing in the morning an important part of their routines. Publishing houses and customers expect a high quality service from the postal operator as a result. The agreement between Posti and Sanoma ensures that the costs of deliveries must not become an obstacle to newspaper subscriptions. 

“Newspaper delivery is an important part of our business, and we want to support the extension of the lifecycle of the printed newspaper. The agreement we have now concluded demonstrates that Posti can carry out early-morning deliveries competitively, cost-effectively and with high quality. The agreement requires us to leverage the strengths of our delivery network in terms of both cost and sustainable development,” says Yrjö Eskola, SVP, Postal Services.

“Reading a printed newspaper at the breakfast table is really important for a huge number of Finns, and this is also the case for readers of Helsingin Sanomat in the capital region. The printed paper is still an important channel for advertisers as well. With this agreement, we have secured the delivery of our printed products and, in addition, we can develop delivery so that quality meets the needs of newspaper subscribers,” says Petteri Putkiranta, President, News & Feature at Sanoma Media Finland.