Posti to reduce domestic mail deliveries

In response to declining mail volumes, Finnish Posti is to only deliver priority mail to domestic customers on Tuesdays and Thursdays as of April 2022.

In a statement the postal operator said, “Nowadays, a household receives approximately 3.5 addressed items per week. In the 2000s, the volume of letters has fallen by over 60% because of digital communications. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has further reduced the volume of letters especially.”

While volumes of letter mail will be reduced, Posti will not need to cut staff numbers to meet the reduced demand as it works in other areas of delivery areas including newspapers, business to business mail and laboratory items. It will continue to deliver newspapers in early morning deliveries, seven days a week.

Other elements of the business such as Posti’s service points and its customer service operations will not be affected under the changes. This is all in accordance with a recent law passed in the country with regard its universal service obligation.

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