Posti uses AI to use parcel lockers more efficiently

Finnish Posti is using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the usage rate of individual parcel locker machines. Posti’s AI smart lockers can predict with 96% accuracy which parcels will be picked up within 24 hours of delivery.

Hundreds of parcel lockers become completely full every day on several days a week, and being able to forecast which ones will be when is key to efficient use of the network.

“Popular parcel lockers cannot be expanded if they are located in a limited space, such as inside a store. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are able to get a more accurate forecast of parcel locker capacity, which helps us route parcels to the parcel lockers chosen by recipients more often. In addition, more parcels can be made to fit into certain parcel lockers,” says Jari Paasikivi, Posti’s Project Manager responsible for the parcel routing system.

The AI system assesses which parcels will be taken out and when, and when there will be space for the next delivery from a Posti driver. This used to be based on a fixed average that wasn’t always accurate due to variations according to things like what day of the week it was.

With close to 100% forecasting, parcels can now be delivered to recipients far more quickly.

“The parcel can be delivered to a location as near to the customer as possible, which reduces unnecessary driving and the emissions from it. We already know with an accuracy of nearly 100% which of the parcel locker’s individual lockers will be emptied and are able to reserve the correct number of items for the next day,” Paasikivi says.