Postmates and Ford testing autonomous delivery

Crowdsourced delivery company Postmates and automotive giant Ford are planning to run tests in the Miami area involving autonomous vehicles making on-demand deliveries. The tie up was announced in January but the programme is about to begin soon.

This is a somewhat unlikely move for Postmates as it sells itself as a ‘crowdsourced’ delivery company, involving members of the public to do the deliveries and not dedicated couriers. Industry insiders therefore question why Postmates has gone down this route.

In a blog posted in January, the company set out its position: ““While we’re excited to research the potential of self-driving technology, it’s important to note that our walkers, drivers, and bicyclists make up the largest on-demand delivery fleet in the country — and they will always be core to our platform. Our first commitment is to always prioritize what benefit can be realized by our customers, our fleet of Postmates and our merchant partners.”