PostNL ‘Baggageservice’ proves a hit

A service where PostNL picks up a traveller’s luggage to take it to the airport has proved a hit according to the postal operator.

The Baggageservice service was piloted in March 2017 and offered airline passengers leaving from Eindhoven and Schiphol airports the opportunity to have their hold luggage transported for them between their hotels or homes and the airports.

PostNL said in a statement, “This service has two variants: The check-in service, where luggage is picked up from home and checked in for the traveler. The standard service, where luggage is collected at home and delivered at the airport, was offered via the PostNL website, the NS and other travel organizations. The traveler can then check in the suitcases himself at the airport.”

According to PostNL, airline passengers liked the service because “they do not have to lug around with suitcases and do not have to queue at the airport”.

While an ancillary service to PostNL’s core business of parcels and logistics, there is a need for such an offering. Those who lead busy lives and who may have other things to do prior to their flights may go for this rather than lug their gear to the appointments with them on their way to the flight.