PostNL digitises non-EU import parcel processing

PostNL has implemented the Prime Vision International Label Reader (ILR) to help manage EU changes in import processes to tackle issues like missing data on shipments. The system allows for semi-automated data entry for all necessary customs data for mail items that enter the Netherlands without being digitally pre-registered.

The two changes PostNL is having to deal with are the EU’s ICS2 and from July 1st, that there will be no VAT exemption rate and all mail items from outside the EU must be declared for VAT purposes. To manage the changes, the postal operator is using digital processing.

PostNL’s Cross Border Solutions (CBS) is to manage and expand the ILR capacity to ensure timely processing of all shipments.

Marjo de Keizer, program manager, CBS, commented, “We expect that the ILR will help us enormously to continue to process shipments on time by completing the data set needed for customs clearance.”

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