PostNL flower delivery service

Dutch postal operator PostNL has announced that they are launching a new solution that will enable online retailers to sell fresh flowers and plants online, and can be delivered every day.

In a statement published on its website, PostNL said, “Consumers can use the Flora@Home platform to order directly from the growers, thereby eliminating the need for online retailers to maintain their own stock.

“PostNL handles the rest of the process, from carefully packaging the flowers and plants to the delivery to consumers. This simplifies the process from order to delivery, ensuring that products remain fresh even longer after they reach the consumer.”

Fresh plant and flower delivery is a tricky business that has largely only been managed successfully by using networks such as Interflora. The new PostNL service involved specially developed packaging that has a built in watering system to keep plants and flowers from wilting in transit.

Given that the Netherlands is a world centre for flower selling, this new PostNL service could benefit the nation’s economy through international exports. As such this could be a very exciting project for the postal operator and potentially throw the doors open to a new pan European e-commerce market.
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