PostNL food delivery service goes seven days

Dutch postal operator PostNL has made the announcement that it will now deliver food products seven days a week through its specialist food network.

The service run by PostNL delivers shopping, specialty products such as meat and sports nutrition and meal boxes for a number of providers. Beginning this month, PostNL has also been delivering Markey Spoon and De Krat meal boxes.

In a statement published on its website earlier this week, PostNL said, “In order to increase convenience for consumers, online providers of food products are increasing the number of days on which delivery can take place.

“In addition, consumers can receive more accurate information on the delivery time via the PostNL app.

“The time period within which PostNL will deliver has been shortened to 30 minutes.

“PostNL aims to be the best logistics provider for online food in the Benelux region.

“A special food network has been developed for this with its own IT application through which senders and recipients can track their orders in real time. More than 30 food vendors deliver their products throughout the Netherlands with PostNL, including Ekoplaza, Marley Spoon, Hoogvliet, Sligro, De Krat, Mathijs Maaltijdbox, Ekomenu and Samen een Koe Kopen.”

Food products are delivered to customers in a special cool box that PostNL developed with the University of Wageningen. These cool boxes keep the food at the optimum temperature and, according to the postal operator can be used up to 500 times before being thrown away.  
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