PostNL installs parcel machine in Paagman store

PostNL has installed its first in-store parcel machine at the Paagman business services store in The Hague. This store is the busiest business services store in the city and is being used to help the store staff cope with their daily pressures as customers will have to spend less time queuing.

According to store chain owner Fabian Paagman, “The parcel machine is a great addition to our service, which we can use to distribute the pressure on our PostNL location more effectively. We now examine on a daily basis which parcels we are going to process via the manned PostNL location, and which ones we will place in the parcel machine. Consumers receive a message with a code as soon as their parcel has been placed in the parcel machine. They can collect their parcel when it suits them, during our extensive opening hours. This means we retain control and our customers benefit from a faster service.”

“This parcel machine represents the next, innovative step in the parcel and letter machine pilot”, explained Jean-Luc Otten, Business Development Manager at PostNL. “This is the first parcel and letter machine without a postbox, and with no fewer than 39 parcel lockers. It is also the first in-store parcel machine. It offers a solution for shops that serve as a PostNL location that have seen their premises become increasingly busy precisely because they are a PostNL location. On the one hand that’s fantastic, because it results in additional sales. On the other hand, it exerts pressure on space and staff. This parcel and letter machine provides a solution.”