PostNL looks at employee retention measures

PostNL is to offer permanent contracts to of its mail delivery staff, including those already used by the postal operator and any new staff who will take on that role. The result will be that the 1,000 postal delivery staff at PostNL currently on temporary contracts will have these moved over into permanent agreements.

Bob van Ierland, Director of Mail in the Netherlands, said: “We’re taking this decision as a sign of appreciation and trust for all of our colleagues who are dedicated to delivering the mail, day in, day out, offering them more security. The prospect of a permanent contract will, we hope, encourage new deliverers to come and join us. We need them in today’s tight labour market!” 

Until now, postal delivery staff were offered permanent contracts after seven months. PostNL reached an agreement with trades unions over a pay rise of more than 8% for all of its close to 16,500 postal delivery staff, and in some cases a €250 bonus for joining the company.

At the same time, wages for new, younger employees have been raised. Another element of the postal operator seeking to retain staff, PostNL is offering flexible contracts where the posties can deliver mail in the evening if this suits them. This flexibility is designed to attract students and pupils who are seeking a side job in mail delivery.