PostNL offers returns via delivery staff

Since the beginning of the year, customers of PostNL have been able to hand over their returns packages to delivery staff.

According to its website, PostNL’s concept is that “a parcel which is returned through a deliverer who is already at the door is not only convenient, but also that is by far the most sustainable way of returning.”

The system is efficient and requires less energy for the postal operator. The PostNL statement continued, “Making transport movements sustainable is therefore an important aspect of the sustainability strategy. Products and processes are continually improved and renewed in order to meet the specific needs of customers in an optimal way.”

As well as improving efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, PostNL acknowledge the convenience of the offering to customers who can now simply hand over their returns packages when the postman drops off their packages or letters.

Returns are a major yet hidden element of the delivery business, with some elements of e-commerce seeing up to 50% of the goods they sell returned. Streamlining the returns process appears to be one of the major trends in the delivery business today.


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