PostNL reaches agreements with unions

PostNL has made some more agreements with its trades unions over pay, travel expenses and the new generation pact.

According to PostNL it first reached an agreement with its unions in principle on the 13th November. On the 30th November the postal operator said that it had reached ‘final agreements’ with Bond Van Post Personeel (BVPP), CNV Publieke Diensten and VHP2 regarding the collective labour agreement (CLA) for PostNL and the CLA for Saturday deliverers.

FNV had not signed the agreement in principle but it will now submit the agreements to its members. According to PostNL, the outcome of this consultation is expected on 12 December at the latest.

In a statement issued on Thursday (30 November), PostNL said: “Additional agreements have been reached on three items: salary, travel expenses and the generation pact.

“In 2017 and 2018 the salary will increase in four steps with in total 3%, 0.4% more than previously agreed.

“The small group of employees that did not benefit from the new travel expenses arrangement, will be compensated in the next five years, an extension of three years compared to the previous agreement in principle.

“The new generation pact will enable a group of older employees to continue to work longer: they can opt to continue working 60% of their contract hours, while receiving 80% of their wages and building up 80% of their pension. This applies to 300 employees, which is 100 employees more that previously agreed. Agreements were also made about full re-occupation at Parcels when participants of the generation pact will work less.”
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