PostNL to work with INS Ecosystem blockchain grocery firm

PostNL is to partner with INS Ecosystem, the blockchain online grocery marketplace. PostNL will handle the distribution of goods bought from INS Ecosystem ‘s marketplace in the Netherlands.

In a statement issued this month, INS Ecosystem Co-founder, Peter Fedchenkov said: “In order to revolutionize the direct-to- consumer interaction and make it the first option model for manufacturers globally, we need to ensure that goods reach their intended destinations, managing the supply chain as accurately and efficiently as possible.

“PostNL is constantly improving its excellence with the delivery of on average 675,000 parcels and 8 million letters on weekdays throughout the Benelux. We are admiring the partnership with such an outstanding organization, looking forward to the launch date”.

INS Ecosystem claims that it “enables grocery manufacturers to address consumers directly bypassing the retail intermediaries, therefore saving up to 30% on everyday grocery e-shopping”.

According to the company: “With INS Ecosystem, consumers will have unimpeded access to both global and local manufacturers, including farmers, significantly reducing shipping distances and cutting the costs. Aimed at reducing waste throughout the supply chain, INS Ecosystem will also leverage blockchain to ensure more efficient shipping practices while implementing effective «pull systems», decreasing product inventories and saving space.”