PostNord buys CMC Cartonwrap machine

Nordic postal operator PostNord has awarded CMC srl a tender for the supply of a CMC Cartonwrap box-on-demand machine.

The CMC machine is to be installed in the PostNord Ljungby Distribution Centre. This offers 3PL services to a number of retailers in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. It will help PostNord develop its capacity and capability through fully automating packing systems.

PostNord has sought a machine like this as the manual packing process has becom too time consuming. The postal operator found that it was using up to 25 types of packaging and lots of void fillers to compensate for the empty spaces in the boxes it sent. The consequent costs for managing inventory and storage space was dramatically growing.

According to CMC: “The challenge was to find a solution capable to optimise their process, simplify their inventory management and reduce volumes.

“CMC Cartonwrap creates a perfect size box to each order every 3.6 seconds, eliminating void fills and reducing dimensional weight.

“The box panels are safely sealed with hotmelt glue, by guaranteeing product security.

“This will save Postnord 1,3 M meters of  tape  and 3 M meters plastic band used to close the package.”

Francesco Ponti, CMC CEO commented: “CMC CartonWrap has been very well received by the major retailers and 3PL worlwide. And we  are honoured that PostNord is the first postal organisation to install the CMC Cartonwrap technology.”

Sylvia Sundell, Regional Manager, Region Ljungby PostNord TPL AB, commented: “We have collaborated with CMC previously, but at PostNord Strålfors. In our experience, CMC supplies high-end machinery that matches our needs, as we distribute large quantities of customer shipments daily.

“By installing CMC Cartonwrap, we enable a more efficient packaging process with less manual handling. We also save on packaging materials for our customers because the boxes are custom-made according to the product being shipped and because we don’t have to use filler materials. Another big plus is that the boxes in CMC Cartonwrap are very impact-resistant, which reduces the risk of damage to the shipments. This is a good investment that ensures greater efficiency and quality, which is also beneficial from an environmental perspective.”  
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