PostNord – e-commerce growth 13% in Sweden

PostNord has shown that e-commerce grew in Sweden by 13% in 2019. 

The E-barometer Annual Report showed that sales totalled US $8.8 billion last year. It also found that 70% of Swedes aged 18-79 bought at least one product online in the last month.

The speed of growth fell slightly from 2018’s 15%, but total sales went up to USD $100 million. Clothes and shoes were the most popular items followed by health, beauty and pharmacy products.

Arne Andersson, e-commerce expert at PostNord, said, “Swedish e-commerce has reached such a large proportion of total commerce that lower percentage growth rates have been expected. We had predicted 14% and now it was 13%.”

The PostNord research looked at the pharmacy industry separately, and this had the strongest growth at 36%. Books and media however struggled with just a 1% growth in 2019.

Andersson said, “In part, it is audio books that have stolen sales in general, both in-store and online. The book industry has been tough for all, with many other forms of media competing for people’s time.”