PostNord – high speed thefts stopped

Nordic delivery firm PostNord has caught thieves trying to break into one of its trucks while the vehicle was travelling at 80km/h.

This summer PostNord had had problems with recurring thefts from trucks on a stretch of road between Vara and Alingsås.

PostNord’s Head of Security and Complaints, Alexis Larsson found a pattern so they passed on the intelligence to local police.

“It is extremely unusual to catch a gang involved in this form of advanced crime – breaking open locks and getting into a truck at high speed,” said Larsson. “But thanks to the close cooperation with the police in Alingsås, we succeeded. Our highest priority is to deliver the goods to our customers safely, so we constantly try to stay one step ahead of the criminals. This successful intervention confirms that we do our absolute utmost in this regard.”

In mid-September, together with the police, PostNord installed a pair of hidden cameras in the trailer of a vehicle that was believed to be at risk. Valuable goods inside had been removed. The security team from PostNord was close by, watching the video in real-time on a tablet while in contact with the driver. Unmarked police cars were on standby.

“Suddenly I saw on the film how the back doors of the truck were opened and two men jumped in, from the hood of a car traveling right behind the truck at high speed and with no lights on,” said Larsson. “They looked through the cargo without finding what they were looking for, and were then about to leave the vehicle. That was when I told the driver to brake.”

The braking meant that the men could not leave the truck because their own car had to brake and drop back. When the truck finally stopped and the men opened the back doors, they were met by a large police unit.

The men who were arrested will soon be prosecuted.

The film of the incident can be viewed here:

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