PostNord promises emission-free last mile deliveries by 2027

Nordics last mile delivery giants PostNord has announced plans to make its final mile delivery carbon emissions free no later than 2027.

The parcels and postal operator is putting its energy into adding electric cars to its fleet to achieve this. The vehicles will be powered by renewable energy from hydro-electric, wind and solar power.

“The climate requires immediate action, and we are convinced that a zero emission last mile is the only way forward. Our customers and recipients, who expect us to act accordingly, will experience emission-free transports not only through a decreased climate impact but also through reduced local emissions,” says Johanna Starck, CEO of PostNord.

To achieve this, the parcel and postal operator acknowledges that it must now replace 72% of its existing last mile delivery fleet, that have combustion engines, with EVs. With 28% of its fleet already electric, this is one of the largest in Europe as things stand.

Starck adds that battery electric vehicles will not be the only transport option with hydrogen fuel cell and electrolysis technology improving every tear. Starck added, “We need to keep an open mind about the means with which we aim to achieve our target. Electric vehicles are currently the most viable solution, but as technology progresses, new options will also occur.”

Line-haul and other bulk transport is an issue that PostNord are aware may take longer to become emission-free. By 2030 the last Miel logistics player will use biogas and other non-fossil combustion fuels. They will also offset the carbon emissions they do make during the transition.

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