PostNord’s Nærboks locker pilot expanded

Following the installation of 200 carrier agnostic parcel lockers in Kolding, PostNord and SwipBox have announced they are installing a further 40 in Sonderberg and its surrounding areas as of the 26 April, allowing customers in the area to use the “Nærboks” lockers as of now.

“We are very happy about Sonderborg Municipality giving us the opportunity to expand our pilot, so it now includes both Kolding and Sonderborg. It is essential that we gain as many experiences as possible during the pilot, before we roll out the concept to the rest of Denmark, so every Dane can enjoy the Nærboks concept,” says Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox.

Businesses and the municipality of Sonderberg have shown great willingness to participate, which is why the roll out is taking place. Parcel lockers are being set up at municipal buildings and plots as well as petrol stations, supermarkets and residential areas.

“We want to make life easier for all Danes when they have to pick up the increasing number of parcels from online shopping. The parcel lockers will as a rule be placed in walking distance from where people live, which means that the new parcel infrastructure not only offers an easy and comfortable way to receive parcels but is also environmentally friendly,” says Peter Kjær Jensen, CEO of PostNord in Denmark.

The Nærboks lockers can be opened with an app on the customer’s phone, which communicates with the parcel locker using Bluetooth. SwipBox has developed the parcel lockers, which run on batteries and are easy to install as there is no need for an external electricity source or an internet connection.


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