PostTag offers pay-as-you-check service

Delivery address verification platform PostTag has announced a new, no-contract service for companies to refer to when they get an inaccurate address from a system they are mid-contract with. This allows such clients to pay per address verification and not have to get out of existing address verification contracts to use it.

According to PostTag, nearly 60% of UK addresses on mapping system are typically 100 metres away from the actual location. These inaccuracies are not being updated, and this can impact delivery companies’ bottom line thanks to delays in deliveries as well as missed deliveries.

The PostTag OnTap service uses it address validation and location system. Should a client’s current address provider give a bad address, PostTag can check, validate and verify the address from multiple databases before giving an exact latitude and longitude of the address to the driver. The PostTag Destination Data Engine can process more than 3,000 addresses per minute.

Keith Lewin, chairman and founder of Post Tag, commented, “Talking to a lot of courier and logistics companies, I found that most address lookup providers were returning a far higher rate of address failures than people realized. One large potential customer told me that they had as many as 30,000 a day. Just because companies are trapped mid-contract with one of them, I thought there was no reason they should not benefit from the accuracy and precision of PostTag. We created PostTag OnTap to catch the balls the other lookup providers drop, with no contract, and customers will only pay for the addresses we find for them.

“Last-mile delivery is recognized as the most expensive logistics leg, accounting for over 50% of costs, so it’s vital companies get it right. With PostTag OnTap we look forward to demonstrating our platform to even more customers, without binding them into a long-term contract.”