PostTag to improve Hermes UK delivery accuracy

Delivery company Hermes UK is to drive efficiencies into its final mile deliveries using delivery technology company PostTag’s platform.

The PostTag system ensures that delivery drivers get to exactly the right address, first time and every time. The technology requires no input from the customer and is invisible yet achieves far greater efficiencies than using traditional means.

Paul Yewman, CEO, PostTag, said:   “Covid-19 has changed the way deliveries are made, potentially for ever.   Many delivery companies are still relying on dated and inaccurate address platforms. Hermes has been working to further develop their geo tech within their MyPlaces app and has recognised that losing a minute on each delivery for trickier addresses can add up to thousands of hours over the course of a week – that’s where PostTag comes in. Hermes delivers over 400 million parcels every year. Helping make this enormous operation even more efficient is something we are relishing.”  

Chris Ashworth, CIO, Hermes UK, said,    Our drivers have been working non-stop throughout Covid-19 to ensure that everyone receives their packages on time. Demand for home delivery has skyrocketed and we are committed to maintaining the exceptionally high level of service our clients and customers have come to expect, as well as giving them greater control over their exact preferred delivery location. 
PostTag is one of the steps that we are taking to keep ahead of the curve and we are delighted to be working with them. Our customers may not notice any change as it allows us to maintain our standards while catering for increased demand, but our drivers will. It will allow them to be even more efficient and remove the frustration of finding the right address quickly.”