Prime Vision: autonomous sorting with 2nd national postal operator

Postal and logistics robotics and technology firm Prime Vision has announced that it is to start a pilot of its autonomous sorting solution with a second national postal operator from the middle of this year.

In a statement, Prime Vision said: “Autonomous Sorting introduces the idea of self-organising logistics by utilising the latest robotic technology to sort parcels or roll containers autonomously. These robots – called Rovers – combined with Prime Visions technical and industry know-how, enable parcel and logistics companies to turn an empty warehouse into a fully operational Sorting Centre in less than a day.”

The autonomous rovers have an inbuilt “Collision Evasion” system, so they can work alongside humans.

Prime Vision explained: “The Rovers are created to behave similarly to worker bees. Prime Vision developed swarming algorithms that determine the actions of these ‘bees’ enabling them to identify, assess, sort and physically transport items to their dispatch location.”

Prime Vision Innovation Director Bernd van Dijk commented: “We are delighted by the market response and the positivity of our clients and partners in collaborating to perfect this solution. As well as having a fully working solution by mid-2018, we intend to demonstrate further enhanced capability over the year. These include a fully autonomous robotic arm that can perform pick-up and placement of parcels”.

“Really exciting is that we are making the system components 3D printable designs. This allows for fast prototyping, design adjustments and serviceable parts, helping future-proof Autonomous Sorting with both ongoing innovation and future serviceability.”

He added: “We want Postal and Logistics companies to consider Autonomous Sorting as the one-stop solution whether setting up a new sorting centre or automating an existing one. This system has to reliable enough to operative 24/7 in one location but robust enough to be re-deployed at any time. “