Print In Store launched by CollectPlus

Parcel pickup and delivery store company CollectPlus has launched a UK wide in store label printing service.

According to the company this will be very useful for people who have no access to a home or office printer and will allow labels bought on the CollectPlus website to e printed in stores throughout the network of parcel pickup and drop off stores.

Mark Lawrence, ‎Operations and Service Director at CollectPlus, said of the innovation, “We are proud to offer the first nationwide ‘Print-in-Store’ service designed to suit the needs of our customers, many of whom don’t have ready access to a printer.”

The new service, called ‘Print In Store’, costs 30p per label and is available at most of the 5800 convenience stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and newsagents that form the CollectPlus network. Print In Store uses a mix of newly developed PayPoint and Netdespatch functionality.

CollectPlus is not the first parcel pick up and drop off service to offer this to its customers. Earlier this year, MyHermes started offering this service for Hermes home delivery customers. CollectPlus is linked to the Yodel home delivery network and as such is playing catch up with one of its largest rivals in the market.

This service reaches out to those who use e-commerce who may only have a tablet or other mobile device. Given that mobile devices are increasingly being used to make purchases for a much greater sector of the UK B2C e-commerce market, such printing services could well lend advantage to the delivery company seeking to draw in more business from the general public.