Pro Carrier partners with Hurricane Commerce for Brexit customs clearance

DGI International’s cross-border delivery business Pro Carrier is working with Hurricane Commerce to ensure that its retail customers’ parcels flow through customs smoothly after Brexit.

In order to manage this, Pro Carrier is integrating Hurricane’s data enhancement Zephyr API with its in-house Aura API that supports duty and tax calculation, prohibited and restricted goods screening and denied party screening, to provide UK e-commerce merchants with a complete cross-border delivery solution.

Gary Tervit, Pro Carrier’s MD, commented, “We believe we have the most comprehensive set of solutions for e-commerce customers, and the integration of Hurricane’s game-changing APIs on data enhancement and compliance are an integral part of our offer. Whether you are an established e-commerce merchant or looking to scale, we are helping to simplify the cross-border delivery experience. The onset of Brexit and other major regulatory changes like the US STOP Act and ICS2 are presenting some serious challenges for international retailers.

“By working with partners like Hurricane we can give our customers total peace of mind in key areas such as product descriptions, HS6 codes, calculating the correct duties and taxes and ensuring you are not sending prohibited or restricted goods into countries or exporting items to people on denied party lists.”

David Spottiswood, co-founder of Hurricane Commerce, added, “The opportunities for merchants to be part of the seismic growth in e-commerce are vast, but so are the regulatory hurdles that need to be met.”