Published: July 2018
Pages: 40
Format: PDF

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About Carrier Management Systems Market: Market Insight Report 2018


Background to the report

This report reviews the global market for carrier management systems.

Carrier management systems are used by many retailers to carry out label printing and other services which enable and support selling online. Other functions of the systems include:
– Carrier allocation
– Tracking and tracing
– Facilitation of returns
– Reporting on carrier performance and other key metrics

The report sets out our estimate of the carrier management system market size globally, and by key regions / countries. We focus in particular on the UK, US and Germany, the three largest western online retail markets and, hence, likely to be the largest markets for carrier management systems

Our market figures are based on our analysis of values and trends of key inputs including:
– Online retail sales value
– Proportion of online retail which is available to vendors of these systems
– Average basket size
– Returns rate
– Carrier manangement system revenue per transaction
– Penetration of the addressable market by carrier management systems

It also gives our view of the outlook for market growth, based on trends in the key drivers.

Market conditions are compared in leading territories such as the UK, Germany, US, Nordics, China and elsewhere.

The report also includes a review of the competitive landscape, including the following:
– Comparison of different business models such as pureplay system vendor, carriage reseller, consolidator, fulfilment provider, C2X specialist
– Geographical focus of leading vendors
– Role of other related systems such as WMS, ERP and proprietary shipping systems provided by different carriers.
– Profiles of leading carrier management system vendors

What are the sources and methodology?

The work is based on:
– Extensive desk research
– Interviews with retailers in the UK, Germany, US and elsewhere
– Interviews with vendors of carrier management systems
– Interviews with industry experts

Information from these sources has been synthesised and presented clearly and concisely with extensive use of charts and tables to illuminate points and support conclusions.

Which companies are covered in the report?

The carrier management systems market report includes profiles of the following companies:
– Centiro
– Consignor
– Metapack
– Pitney Bowes
– Scurri
– Sorted
– Stamps.com
– Temando / ProShip

Introduction 2
About this report
About Apex Insight

Carrier management systems market background 7

Market size 9
Overview of key variables and drivers
1. Online retail value
2. Proportion of online retail which is addressable
3. Average basket size
4. Returns rate
5. Average revenue per transaction
6. Penetration by market

Competitive landscape  25
Business models
Main competitors by market

Profiles of leading vendors   30
Pitney Bowes
Temando / ProShip

Appendix 40

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