Published: November 2021
Pages: 22
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European Non-Prime Consumer Credit: Market Overview 2021

Includes sub-prime and near-prime credit

About the report

This report provides an overview of non-prime (also referred to as sub-prime) consumer credit in Europe
– We estimate the total size of non-prime lending at a total European level and by country, measured as a percentage of total consumer lending.
– We identify over 40 lenders setting out our views on their size, positioning and countries of operation
– We summarise the different regulatory arrangements across Europe that result in there being different levels of non-prime lending in each country.
– An overview of the UK market is included, broken down by segment and summarising recent developments.

We classify consumer credit as non-prime if the Annual Percentage Rate of interest (including interest and other charges) is over 30%.
All types of unsecured consumer credit are included but not mortgages.
We exclude lending to sub-prime customers (including those with poor credit ratings or thin credit history files) at prime interest rates, defined as being below 30%

Who is the report intended for?

Operators of of non-prime businesses themselves
Investors in these businesses
Market regulators and policymakers
Banks, analysts, consultants and other parties with interests in the sector

What are the sources and methodology?

Interviews with senior-level contacts in the consumer credit industry
In-depth analysis of the macroeconomic environment and relevant market drivers
Financial analysis of the accounts of companies in the industry
Information from these sources has been synthesised and presented clearly and concisely with use of charts and tables to illuminate points and support conclusions

Introduction  1

About this report

About Apex Insight



Market overview and size  8

Availability of non-prime lending by country in Europe

Size of consumer credit markets where non-prime credit is available

European non-prime consumer credit market size by country

Overview of non-prime lending in the UK


European non-prime lenders  13

Availability of non-prime lending by country in Europe

Size of consumer credit markets where non-prime credit is available


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